Authored Books

  • The History of Hackney Downs School (London, 1971)
  • The Railway Interest (Leicester University. Press, 1973) [Reprinted by Gregg Revivals, 1993]
  • British Elections: Myth and Reality (B.T.Batsford, 1978)
  • The Jewish Community in British Politics (Oxford University. Press, 1983)
  • Pressure Groups and Government in Great Britain (Longman, 1984; 2nd impression 1987)
  • Modern Britain 1700-1983: A Domestic History (Croom Helm 1986; reprinted 1987)
  • The Federation of Synagogues, 1887-1987 (Federation of Synagogues, 1987)
  • London Jewry and London Politics 1889-1986 (Routledge, 1989)
  • Britain: A One-Party State? (Christopher Helm, 1989)
  • Modern British Jewry (Oxford University Press, 1992; 2^nd edn 1998)
  • Controversy and Crisis: Studies in the History of the Jews in Modern Britain (Academic Studies Press, 2008)
  • The Communal Gadfly (Academic Studies Press, 2009)

Edited Books

  • Governments, Ethnic Groups and Political Representation (editor and contributor) (European Science Foundation and Dartmouth Publishing, Aldershot, 1993)
  • Outsiders and Outcasts: Essays in Honour of William J. Fishman (joint editor with C. Holmes, and contributor) (Duckworth, London, 1993)
  • New Directions in Anglo-Jewish History (Academic Studies Press, 2010)

Other Independent Studies

  • The History of the Hendon Synagogue 1928-1978 (London, 1978)
  • The Jewish Vote in Great Britain since 1945 (University of Strathclyde Studies in Public Policy No. 72, 1980)
  • The Jewish Shops Panel: A Guide for Jewish Market Traders (written with G. Hudes, Scott Markets Ltd., 1981)
  • Anglo-Jewry: A Suitable Case For Treatment (privately published, 1990) [Inaugural Lecture delivered 17 Oct. 1989]
  • Academic Duty and Communal Obligation: Some Thoughts on the writing of Anglo-Jewish History (Centre for Jewish Studies, University of London, 1994)
  • The Holocaust: Why Did Anglo-Jewry Stand Idly By? (Graduate School of Jewish Studies, Touro College, New York, 2001)

A full list of Professor Geoffrey Alderman’s publications is available for download here.